The core function is to:

  • Ensuring that waste  generated is collected, removed and disposed of.
  • Place of communal skips at various strategic points in various peri-urban and emptying thereof
  • Litter Picking
  • Run recycling projects for environmental awareness



This is Fire and Disaster Management (Rescue) and is responsible for:

  • Responding to Fire Calls
  • Responding to Accidents
  • Responding to Chemical Spillages
  • Compiling uMhlathuze Disaster Management Plan
  • Conducting Awareness Campaigns at schools and community level
  • Evaluate emergency exercises at various industries, hospitals, schools and municipal depots



This subsection is mainly guided by section 24 of Chapter 2 of The Constitution of the Republic of South Africa of 1996 and the National Environmental Management Air Quality Act of 2004.

This section is responsible for:

  • General Air Quality Management, i.e. Air Quality Monitoring Stations
  • Establishment of an Industrial Data base
  • Issue of Scheduled Trade Permits
  • Pest Control
  • Assistance with Indigent Burials
  • Ritual Slaughters
  • issue of notices for the cleaning/clearing of privately owned overgrown properties
  • Running of community awareness campaigns



The City of uMhlathuze runs two Occupational Health Clinics. Responsibilities served are:

  • Conducting medical surveillance to all employees (pre-employment, annual and exit medical screenings.
  • Perform immunisation and job specification
  • Primary health care (minor ailments and chronic disease management)
  • Inspect, monitor and refill first aid boxes
  • Liaise with peer educators to bring health issues to the employees.