The City of uMhlathuze has resolved to impound all neglected stray animal roaming around the street following reports of accidents and near-misses. This is in response to the public outcry following a number of complains and accidents caused by stray animals on city roads.

The Council took this decision to protect mainly, road users, residents and owners of animals. All animals found along the streets and inappropriate grazing areas will be impounded, released with a hefty fine and or auctioned to recover municipal and pound costs.

The City will impound all stray animal and store them in an identified pound for fourteen (14) days for owners to claim and will be liable to a fee charge for kilometres traveled to the pound and for daily safekeeping of animals as per rates stipulated by the KwaZulu-Natal Pound Act No.3 of 2006.

The Council will follow all possible and reasonable communications means to notify owners of animals found roaming without anyone looking after them and notify the owner, and eventually impound them when there is no response within a reasonable time.

The city warns owners of animals that, once animals are impounded, transportation costs on claiming the animals will be incurred by the owner and also be liable for the cost of looking after the animal.

Motorists within the City of uMhlathuze have reported accidents caused by stray cows and the Council has noted that if this is left unattended it will cause more danger to human lives and to animals themselves. In suburbs and townships, animals, mainly cows graze unattended and even at night, at times end up sleeping on the roads.

Animals that falls within the Pound Act, are Cows, Horses, Donkeys, Goats, Pigs, Cats, Sheep, Ostrich, or similar.

Council urges community members who have such animals to always take care of them and ensure that they graze in appropriate areas and under supervision by a person.

The City is also on a public awareness drive to inform the owners, drivers and members of the public about this action. City has had engagement with Amakhosi and traditional authorities and some members of the community through IDP meetings and this is proving to be yielding good results and more inputs are contributed. Amakhosi has also suggested that animal owners need to mark their animals so that they can be easily identifiable before, during and after being impounded.

All roads within the jurisdiction of the city of uMhlathuze in urban and rural areas and areas under traditional authorities as far as road P700 in Ntambanana will be monitored.

Motorists and passer-by’s can report all stray animals on our traffic and Bylaw enforcement: 035 907 5267.