Human Settlement

This section is responsible for:

  • Housing Consumer Education whereby all uMhlathuze residents is educated or made aware about all issues that concern them. These could include education on water savings, issues of waste management etc.
  • Tenant Awareness Programmes - This program focuses on hostel tenants in the main and also involves educating tenants on a variety of issues that concern them.
  • Handling the issues pertaining to housing subsidies. This will include assisting tenants who want RDP houses, people who want to buy houses through financial institutions, applications related to acquiring a house and so forth.
  • National Housing Needs Register – Managing the National register for the City of uMhlathuze, a register recording details of people who require RDP houses.
  • Rental Housing Tribunal – This section assists in the issues of tenant landlord relationship, extending to resolving issues between the mentioned parties. The issues could extend to matters of payments/non-payments, ill-treatment of the other party and so forth.
  • Managing the Enhanced Extended Discount Benefit Scheme.

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