Human Resources Administration

This section is responsibility is to:

  • Develop policies, processes and procedure guidelines regarding the uMhlathuze’s employee benefits, recruitment and selection functions;
  • Perform Employee Records Management, Leave Management and Employment Equity and ensure the correct implementation thereof.
  • Ensuring compliance with the Bargaining Council directives, Conditions of Service issues and the implementation of Council Resolutions and application of legislative imperatives.
  • Facilitating, directing and maintaining the organisational recruitment and appointment of employees.

Provision of Training and Development which includes running a bursary scheme, induction service for all levels of employment in the City council employ, plant operation training, Adult Education and Training (AET), Asset Management Training, ESRI Building Geodatabases Training, HR Roadshows, Pre-retirement workshops, Occupational Health and Safety / Risk Training, Labour Forum Training (LLF), Artisan / Apprenticeship Training etc:



This unit aims at improving the overall effectiveness of the organisation through planned, comprehensive and systematic processes. It involves intervening in the processes, structure and culture of the organisation and includes the following functions:

  • Organisational Development - aligning the structure of the organisation with its objectives,
  • Change Management – managing change and related transitions in the organization
  • Conducting productivity and continuous improvement processes - Efficiency studies, Utilisation studies and Feasibility studies.
  • Conducting Business process re-engineering - Cause and effect studies; Process analysis and Process improvement and workflow analysis.
  • Conduct job evaluation and descriptions function.



The section main responsibility is to:

  • Attain the organizational Occupational Health and Safety plan
  • Assist City of uMhlathuze employees, employee representatives, supervisors and management to manage the occupational risk exposure, effectively

These responsibilities include:

  • Identification of Occupational Risk exposures.
  • Develop a management system that is OHSAS 18001compliant to manage the occupational risks
  • Communicate the system and standards to all.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of the Occupational Health and Safety management system.


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