The City of uMhlathuze has taken a giant step towards a safe, livable and clean environment through purchasing service delivery equipment aimed at maintaining green areas.

City Mayor Cllr Mduduzi Mhlongo today unveiled service delivery equipment including 11 new tractors and 2 TLBs that will speed up and match the pace of the fast growing grass. TLBs will be working mainly on water and sanitation unit dealing with burst pipes, storm water drainages, etc. This equipment will also respond swiftly to service delivery calls that our call-centre receives from members of the public.

This is another effort by the City of uMhlathuze to retain its green status that it used to enjoy in the past years. During last summer there has been an outcry over the overgrown grass and greenbelts due to heavy rains across the city.

Mhlongo said, “Today we are marking the world Environmental day, a very significant day to take care of our environment and be cautious of how it affects us as a people and how can we best live with it side by side. We have noticed in these recent years that the climate has drastically changed and this is affecting our physical environment. Now we even see such heavy rains in winter which causes flash floods. Most of these things are man made and we need to be aware of it and know how to deal with them to reduce its dangers. Our City has specifically chosen this day to mark our commitment to our precious environment. One other aspects crucial to this is the level of cleanliness of our surroundings. We want to take care of our green areas, green belts and cut the ever-growing grass. Nowadays we see grass growing rapidly because of rains and it is difficult for us to catch-up. As a result, we decided to add this equipment on our fleet,” Mhlongo alludes.

The City of uMhlathuze invested about R6.5 million on purchasing this equipment. “We are also very particular with purchasing locally and implementing radical economic transformation. The yellow plant is manufactured here in our city by Bell Equipment,” Mhlongo added.


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